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    SMT FUJI NXTII V12 Pick and placing head UH03346

    名稱:SMT FUJI NXTII V12 Pick and placing head UH03346


    SMT FUJI NXT V12 Pick and placing head   P/N: UH03346

    Throughput  / CPH : V12 head  26000 

    Extension Electromechanical Equipment (HK) Co., Ltd ,was established in 2009 . Until 2018, we already attened 14 timesSMT Nepcon Exhibitions. 

    We supply you complete electronic production Lines on your given budget, including Placement equipments ,Loader,Unloader,Printer,Conveyor,Reflow oven,

    SPI, and AOI, etc.

    In our stock ,we have more than 1400 diffrent items machineand spare parts.  Our staff have more than 15 years smt machine experiences ,is from FUJI Agent and Panasonic agent. In 2009, we started our own business working on FUJI and Panasonic machine and machine spare parts .

    We focusing on processing SMT (surface mounting technique) ,especially in the import and export trade of high -precision placement equipments, such as, FUJI, Panasonic, Simens/Siplace/ASM,Yamaha,Samsung.Moreover,our consumable parts feeder, placing head,nozzle,filter,splicing tapes,etc of placement equipments,which get the recognition and favor from the customer of international well-known brand .

    Our company believes that the secret for success lies not only in having top quality products, but also very attention to detail and the talent training of our each staff.

    We look forward to the long term business and win win situation with you. 

    Warmly welcome all friends and partners to visit and guide and negotiate the business. 

    固話 : 0755-25722454         手機 : 135-9023-3593
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